Clean Crew - White

Industry of All Nations

Clean Crew - White

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Product Sku: MOTW1004798
Simple white T-Shirt made from 100% Indian Organic Cotton.

Production and Design:

Developed in the South of India, garments are manufactured in a completely sustainable way. Using 100% Indian organic cotton, 100% natural dyes, water, and biodegradable soap or vinegar for the dyeing and finishing of IOAN Cotton products, the washing and dying process assures clean clothes as well as a clean environment.

About the Brand:

Formed in April 2010, Industry of All Nations is dedicated to the preservation and production of wholesome goods crafted in their countries of origin. Bringing local business to an international scale, Industry of All Nations creates the demand for basic well made goods crafted by traditional means, all the while advocating for environmental and social awareness, as well as fair trade amongst all nations.

Condition: New

Materials: 100% Indian Organic Cotton

S 20" 27"
M 21" 27"
L 22" 28"
XL 23" 29"


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